Embryology Project Provides Lesson for Second Graders

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2nd grade youth from across the county watched last week as their 21-day project came to an end with the sound of chirping!

For the month of April every 2nd grade classroom at Pines and Creswell Elementary Schools has been participating in the 4-H Embryology Project. Embryology is the study of embryo development. As much as a mother hen takes ownership of her eggs our 2nd graders were eager for the arrival of the fluffy chicks.

Mrs. Resendez at Creswell Elementary reported that the students were thrilled to come to school each day and check on the eggs.

Each class was provided an incubator and 24 eggs to care for over the 21-day period. Youth diligently monitored temperature and moisture levels, and turned eggs twice a day. Chicken embryos develop very quickly, allowing youth to observe, through candling the eggs, each stage of development. Within six days of fertilization the embryo has limbs, beak, brain, and eyes.

4-H Embryology projects play on the curiosity of participating youth to help them gain a better understanding of biology through direct experience with living things, their life cycles and habitats. As with all 4-H programs, Embryology is a hands-on learning experience aimed not only at knowledge gains, but also life skill development.

Teachers are a huge part of this partnership between 4-H and the schools. This year’s participating teachers included all of the 2nd grade teachers at both Pines and Creswell Elementary Schools, with lead teachers Gina Resendez and Kelly Mai. 4-H School Enrichment provides training, supplies, and resources to teachers to help with teaching to standards through proven 4-H Curriculum.

If you are interested in this or any other 4-H program please contact Washington County 4-H Agent, Laura Oliver at 793-2163.

Chick Hatched in Washington County Schools

Chick Hatched in Washington County Schools